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subject       지금까지의 홈페이지 bgm들을 모아놓은 곳
물론 배경음이 바뀔때마다 이전 배경음은 자동 업데이트될 예정입니다.

[2004/01/24 01:02]

jackcartier  X[2010-05-17 06:29]

Xian Apartment Guesthouse consists of a couple , with Mei from China and Todd from NZ . Hq Guesthouse has a comfortable place to stay in Xian for 3 years , and is now highly regarded by almost 1000 previous guests from every corner of the planet including: families and business people 쭯 just an incredible diversity of people
Apartment Guesthouse is the next generation of <a href=>Xian Hotels</a> . With a prime location in the center of Xian you will be a couple of minutes from all the best entertainment.

Hq provides quality service which they feel is their distinctiveness when compared to big <a href=>Hotels in Xian</a> they even go so far supply guests with a cell phone enabling the guest to contact them if there are any hassles when out and about - a kind of help line to The Guesthouse .

Now - with several apartments available for short visits in Xian, the managers are proud of the fact that they have definitely made progress compared to when they started out . Initially the hosts had bunk beds lining their own apartment!!

If you are heading to XiAZan why not have a look at Mei and ToddAZs place and chill out with comfort


UNEMIKEDDIX  X[2010-06-12 07:38]

The <a href=>net table</a> control is the successor to the v1.x DataGrid, adding the ability to take advantage of specific capabilities of ASP.NET data source controls. Whereas the v1.x <a href=>datagrid net</a> required a page developer to write custom code to handle simple operations such as paging, sorting, editing or deleting data, the GridView control can automatically handle these operations provided its bound data <a href=>table html</a> source control supports these capabilities. The GridView also offers some functionality improvements over the DataGrid, such as the ability to define multiple primary key fields, and some UI customization improvements, such as new field types and templating options. It also exposes a new model for page developers to handle or cancel events.

In the preceding example, the GridView control reflected against the fields of the data records returned by SqlDataSource in order to dynamically generate the columns of the grid. You can <a href=>data grid</a> also specify explicit column fields to display by adding DataControlField objects to the GridView's Columns collection. This allows you to specify exactly which columns to display and their relative order. The following example demonstrates a collection of BoundField and CheckBoxField objects in the <a href=>net grid</a> collection. Other field types that can be assigned to this collection are ImageField, HyperLinkField, CommandField, ButtonField, and TemplateField.

chinaphonenmugvz  X[2010-07-20 14:45]

First, design of the mobile phone.
Name brand phones most probably will have many researchers whose primary concern is the appearance and feeling of a phone. They give too much effort to produce astounding looks to the phones falling under a certain price tag selected by the manager.
China cell phonesusually do not achieve this step. What usually happens is they get old phone case moldings and place their own electronics and components inside it. The Chinese base their moldings on the multinational brands such as iPhone or BlackBerry thus making their phones look fake. Why do they do this? It's since it costs less to repeat the moldings of famous brands than to research and make their own.

Second the parts of the cell phone chipset. world famous Branded Mobile phones use a variety of various chips for the cell phones they make. Chips with sharp MHz rate are usually not vital with the latest flasher functions of a phone. Phones with slow chip sets are cheaper.
China mobile phones are surplussed by MEDIATEK chip set. The MTK (MediaTek Inc) chip sets cover two generations at this time employed in a good number of of the phones. One, is the less costly, MTK6225, which has added features: Internet, camera and MP players. On the other end is the MTK6235 which comes with faster MHz processing making lager screens possible, higher res cameras, EDGE connection speed, and Internet connection via Wifi. Both of these chips are not as good as with chip sets from recognized name brands with regards to pure speed and power, on the contrary, to the China phones makers, they really are a blessing as they can have thousands and thousands of the top features of last generation phones and cost less as well (and being easy to look for).

And let us talk about the mobile phone's Operating System. Blackberry and iPhone have distinctive operating systems from other cell phones. From time to time, when a company is cutting corners, they get a hold of rights to utilize another company's OS (such as Windows Mobile) and leave it unaffected, otherwise adjust it to go with their own needs.
The nucleus OS is used by almost all China mobile phones manufacturers. For these manufactures, it's a very good selection as this operating system is known for straightforward programing and light weight structure, not using a lot of processing speed (necessary with the MTK chip set), having no problems with supply since it is usually very common, and still giving the ability to make a phone's interface look efficient if performed perfectly.

Finally let's talk about the cell phone's UI of the China mobile phones.
Branded ones use an interface which is personalized with their OS. This is completed to let the phone can have a rare feel and appear which separates them from the bunch of other cell phones.With nucleus OS, China mobile phones can have a multiplicity of designs. They do this for originality, not for competition. This is finished either to go with the user interface to a phone's case mold (also patterned on world famous Branded Mobile phones) or a prompt and dirty way to bring about an interface that looks fantastic and previously has gai ned wide acceptance. A derivative interface that is certainly often built for phones will be a variation of the icon driven interface that the iPhone made famous. All in all, the manufacturers of the China phones do have the possibility of making several devices that honestly are different (both in design and in system) from branded brand name phones. Instructions to follow is you take care of any provider that you have from China. Their log can include a huge number of "Real" cell phones at very low prices, and also the cell phone can even seem to be something like an actual model, possibly that they're fake even so. Please do consider, when you purchase your phone from this kind of China phones provider..

ipod to computer tra  X[2010-09-01 14:41]

i am using a windows 7 laptop.i have dvd shrink 3.2, dvd decrypter and nero8 on my comp.
the non protected dvds i burn with nero8 and they play well on my dvd. but i burn the right protected using dvd shrink and decrypter. first i use the decrypter and i make a image of it. then using shrink and nero8(only in the background) i encode it. then it automatcally gets to a stage where it say lead-in and then lesd out. after that when the burning process is over i am able to play the dvd on my laptop but not on my otherwise dvd player.
i use writex 4.7 gb discs.
please help.

<a href=>dvd to psp</a>

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